CC Metals & Alloys is a proud winner of AK Steel Supplier of the Year Award 2009



A comprehensive Sytline software package, designed by DRI, has been installed at our facility. Part of a top-down investment made by GAA, this system will provide detailed reporting capabilities and allow more efficient communication within the larger Felman Trading network. Operations will be streamlined thanks to more robust financial projections, purchase tracking, and maintenance planning. 

Advanced Programmable Logic Controls (PLCs) monitor activity at the crushing plant, sizing plant, and cooling towers. 

The cooling towers’ fans are controlled by variable speed drive motors, ensuring optimally efficient output. 

Scales on front-end loaders provide employees with accurate, real-time data. 

Temperature probes/sensors installed on our furnaces, gives access to real-time data for water used inside the furnaces components, increasing efficiencies and decreasing maintenance costs.


The facility is ISO 9001 certified 

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